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To be or not to be, that is the question
I want to be the purest form of me no influence from the outside
I want to have the purest thought let nothing guide my mind
I want to be pounded by the waves of peace till there is nothing left
Nothing left but a man with a blank soul as blank as a canvas waiting on the painters first stroke
I want to be as green as a new born coming into the world
I want to be the person I like and who the people respect
If anything else I want to be me cause for me that highest form of enlightenment

Mother Fucker

This writing has nothing to do with Mother Fucker period then .
Life’s enigmas chicken or the egg, creation or evolution, yes or no, should I eat the next slice of pizza
And the Answer to all of these is simple I don’t know what it is but …


#literature #poetry

My Life

Life in a nut shell number 8 of 14 
Trying to stand out with a thirst for trouble
And a fiery temper without the skill to keep it cool
My younger brothers might as well be bigger to keep me humble
Between a crippled sister and brother wise beyond his years I sit pretty
19 years they don’t seem to long but long enough to be a pain….
I start writing with this “whatever it is” as my first piece
Arizona born and raised with a California attitude
Living in California for I don’t know how long
Life in a nut shell number 8 of 14