This my Life

This is my life
And at times I know
it causes me strife
Like a ship at sea being battered
Bruised by the waves of time
With my horizon in sight I sit vigilantly watching
However at moments drift, into a dark sleep
Unable to see the future I seek
When my surroundings are bleak
But what right have I
To change it’s course
The path set before me
With a stronger force
Drawing me ever closer
With a pull greater than gravity
The gravity of it, is life or death and I,
Must choose to make a decision I have the final word
Of course
This life is mine
And I acknowledge that fine
But if I don’t except it as a sign for me
Will I ever be free
of this void within where I decline any satisfaction
And the joy, void it as unsatisfying
Then in time all that will be left is a whine
Despising what in reality is a gift
That you can’t purchase at the thrift
Where one begins to drift in a downward spiral
But there is life after that and in it as well
I’ll do my best to help you see
Try, I’ll pass on my knowledge to thee
And hope you hear my plea
But I agree that I don’t know all
So don’t stall to correct me if I fall
But never condescend
I’m trying to do it right by my eyes
This is my life

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To be or not to be, that is the question
I want to be the purest form of me no influence from the outside
I want to have the purest thought let nothing guide my mind
I want to be pounded by the waves of peace till there is nothing left
Nothing left but a man with a blank soul as blank as a canvas waiting on the painters first stroke
I want to be as green as a new born coming into the world
I want to be the person I like and who the people respect
If anything else I want to be me cause for me that highest form of enlightenment

Mother Fucker

This writing has nothing to do with Mother Fucker period then .
Life’s enigmas chicken or the egg, creation or evolution, yes or no, should I eat the next slice of pizza
And the Answer to all of these is simple I don’t know what it is but …


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My Life

Life in a nut shell number 8 of 14 
Trying to stand out with a thirst for trouble
And a fiery temper without the skill to keep it cool
My younger brothers might as well be bigger to keep me humble
Between a crippled sister and brother wise beyond his years I sit pretty
19 years they don’t seem to long but long enough to be a pain….
I start writing with this “whatever it is” as my first piece
Arizona born and raised with a California attitude
Living in California for I don’t know how long
Life in a nut shell number 8 of 14